Mobile Computing

 Mobile computing --- What that means to a Small Business?


 If you have a website and wondering what to do about mobile computing then you have two options to choose from, one mobile website, two mobile web app or native app.

 The decision is all about audience need, business objectives and context the Who, What and Where. That said, based on growing mobile web traffic and mobile search behavior, creating a mobile site is generally a no-brainer for MOST businesses and the most logical place to start.

 Before you decide you should think about the following,

 Have you noticed a significant up tick in mobile traffic in your website?

 Have you received (negative) feedback from mobile visitors in your site?

 Are there any important aspects of your customer experience that could be greatly enhanced via mobile?

 Do your customers and users over index for mobile usage? Do they prefer mobile apps or websites?

 For small businesses, mobile website may be an easy option to start.

 Mobile websites:

 Provide the biggest bang for the buck . 

Offer tangible value to widest number of priority users/customers.

Not break the bank.

Demonstrate tangible progress.

Create a base that enables scalability for future evolution.

 These solutions offer an wider reach at a lower cost and while they may not offer as much sizzle as a Web App or Native App, they are often the smartest first step to entering the mobile arena. For many of our clients such as Yale-New Haven Hospital, this is where we start and you can see an example of a foundational mobile site.

 If you want to do a mobile website, we can help you with that.


Publish Date:2011-07-11