e-Book publishing

I&G Tech uses software tools and services in the e-Book publishing market, helping publishers and corporations to create page-flipping e-Books to provide user interface technology to deliver multimedia content and information such as PDF, video, audio, digital photos, text, etc via an impressive Page-Flipping interface, which appears as a virtual FlipBook. FlipBooks can be read online via the web

'FlipBook' is a term coined to describe digital publications created with Page-Flipping interface simulating the reading experience of paper-based publications, and it is capable of integrating multimedia contents such as video, audio, animations, and photos.

Publishers and corporations can convert their publications into digital FlipBooks which look exactly like the real thing. With digital publishing, a lot of printing and distribution cost can be saved. Furthermore, with the internet, the distribution of the FlipBook is immediate. Applications of FlipBooks include:

  • corporate brochures

  • corporate manuals

  • magazines

  • newsletters

  • newspapers

  • financial reports

  • etc.

Advantages of FlipBook

Reading a FlipBook in a page-flipping format is certainly much more natural to humans. As humans, we have already evolved from reading scrolls to reading books in the last few thousand years. Hence, it is only natural that we follow such evolution to start reading information in a page-flipping manner on the computer too! Certainly, reading a page-flipping FlipBook on the computer is a lot easier on the eyes as compared to reading, say, a PDF document in a page-scrolling interface.

With FlipBooks, readers will be able to find the content quicker, giving them a much better reading experience. This will result in greater absorption of the content. At the same time, online advertisements, for example, on FlipBooks can increase awareness among readers.

Is FlipBook for you?

If you have content that you wish to share or sell via the internet, without compromising the reading experience of your audience, then FlipBook is for you.