Mobile Web solutions

Being successful in the mobile web is about being innovative and willing to test new ideas and opportunities.

I&G Tech's Mobile Web Solutions team can help identify and develop solutions for you to create this innovative new personal relationship with your customers. We can advise on the range of opportunities available for creative and visible participation in this popular new channel and we work closely with you to fine tune the user experience and functionality to provide the best results.

I&G Tech understands the resource limitations of many companies. With this in mind, we offer development and channel management services that are not only cost-effective, but also customized to the local, rather than global market. Your website might look fantastic to someone who is surfing the web from their desktop computer, but the very things that make for a great conventional website (high density graphics, dynamic elements, flash content, etc.) can make your site unimpressive or even completely inaccessible to a mobile user.

To make things even more challenging, there are thousands of different mobile devices with varying screen sizes, capabilities, and quirks. I&G Tech uses unique software and expertise to make sure that each mobile user has an optimal experience when they find your business from their mobile device.

Our experience in learning what works for mobile, will keep customers staying at your site for longer.