Web 2.0 Social Networking

The main purpose of Web 2.0 is to connect people in various new ways and use their collective strengths. This has created many new concepts such as: Techniques (Blogging, Social Networking, Communities, Mashups, and Tagging), Standards (XHTML, CSS, and REST) and Tools (RSS, AJAX, DOJO, PHP and Ruby). The creation of new relationships between collaborators and information is the power of Web 2.0.

The elements of Web 2.0 help to create and maintain Social Networks. Combined with other concepts such as Blogging, Wikis, Tagging, etc. web 2.0 provides an ideal platform for implementing and helping Social Networks to grow.

I&G Tech is following these concepts and standards in order to meet your requirement with simpler, visually and highly intelligible 2.0 technique.