Web solutions

Whether you need a custom website or a custom application, the key to the success of any web development project is based on two factors: technical ability and good communication.

The I&G Tech team has extensive experience in the delivery of custom websites, custom applications, database development, eCommerce websites, software development. This experience gives us the ability to assess projects from a technical perspective and provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of all the available technical options. Providing this knowledge at the beginning of a project ensures I&G Tech clients will be able to make strategic business decisions based on the technical alternatives as opposed to forcing a business requirement to fit a technical solution.

The second key to success is good communication. Our clients are assigned a single point of contact that will walk them through the entire development process. In addition to meetings, WebEx sessions and conference calls,We utilizes a web based project management system which will allow every aspect of a project to be tracked. This gives our clients the ability to know, at any time, and get real-time updates. A secondary benefit to this approach is it allows our clients to stay informed of their project status while simultaneously limiting their time investment.