Web design and development

I&G Tech brings its years of combined experience in website development, framework integration, and design concepts to produce quality web sites and web applications that span across technologies and platforms.

Our approach of working closely with our clients allows us to not just understand features and functions, but to embrace the uniqueness of their project and vision in order to recommend cost effective solutions and integration services that one would expect from an extraordinary web development firm. Let's face it, your project will change as it develops. We embrace change. Our agile approach to web development coupled with our test driven development strategies allows for constant feedback by delivering incremental, yet functional releases towards the final release.

Our solution rich offerings are driven by our professional approach to managing the project cycle: Content Management Integration Solutions, Ecommerce development, planning, and measurement analytics, Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0 AJAX, Full life-cycle design, branding, and development, Custom Web Application Development.

An effective website design & development must always consider the needs of both end users & search engines. I&G tech, a frontrunner in the field of web design and development will always starts from this principle.

Website usability is important

Our web designing team ensures rapid download of websites, easy navigation for user experience and developed web solutions reflecting corporate image and its online presence. A website is a multi-purpose medium that acts like brand ambassador, company spokesperson, publicity agent and as a contact point for customer-company interaction.

What attracts visitors is not just a palette of colors and a screen full of graphical display. Engaging designs that have balanced mix of content and graphics are informative and interactive. These help the visitor focus on the product and services.

Through our professional approach we conduct a thorough research on the audience perception and the organization needs. Some of the focus areas of your website would be:

Look and feel - Aesthetic design that uses right balance of colour, graphic inserts, space and content. This would be in line with your uniqueness and differentiate you from the competitors.Deep vs. Broad - Balanced hierarchy and categories link structure within 3 clicks. Ease of navigation Intuitive navigation guided by task-oriented workflowStandardized and consistent labelsClear Sitemap, indexSearch facility that includes the use of wild cards Browser friendlyInformative and persuasive - Concise, relevant and dynamic content that reaches out to the visitors. Aptly aggregated and linked to give the right amount of information.

Not a typical web shop:

We don’t just work with you on the websites, we also make sure you can sustain and operate your business with out our help. When we launch a website, we provide all the tools needed to maintain and manage your content in the website, so that you don’t have to call us, or work with us for daily day to day operations.